Mika Tapio Vainio (May 15, 1963 – April 12, 2017)[1] was a Finnish electronic musician. He was best known as a member of Pan Sonic. In addition to his real name, he recorded under the aliases Ø, Kentolevi, Philus, and Tekonivel.[2]

He has worked with artists such as Alan Vega, Barry Adamson, Charlemagne Palestine, Alva Noto, Peaches, Kevin Drumm, Björk, Stephen O’Malley, Keiji Haino, Michael Gira, Chicks on Speed, Merzbow, and many others.[3][4]

– Source: Wikipedia –

In 2016, I interviewed Mika in Berlin for the TOUCH MUSIC project. Unfortunately, the film was never finished due to a lack of funding.