The Big Sleep is a visual composition of freely associated images and motion and a meditation on the concept of perpetual transformation and impermanence.It was done entirely without camera. The raw materials used for this film consisted of x-rays, old polaroids as well as scanned textiles and objects such as wool and rubber gloves. Each item passed through several processing stages of manipulation before it became part of the film. The wool, for example, was glued on tracing paper, scanned and then – in the digital state – cut into pieces. From these fragments I created frame-by-frame animations and modified them, using both “traditional” animation techniques and and VJ programmes in order to manipulate the footage in “real-time”. As an exception, I used a short scene, from an educational film called “How the eye functions (1941)”. When I watched the footage, the fragility and transitional character of the piano piece “Für Alina” by Arvo Pärt came to mind. So I finally used it as a point of reference, which forms the rhythmical structure for the stream of the images.

Mixed Media / Animation, 3 min., 2008