Mankind has developed all kinds of sophisticated and complex languages. Yet the body seems to remain the most direct and effective instrument to communicate and express basic emotions. Action and reaction, tension and release are not only an integral part of human (or animal) communication and rituals, they`re also musical and artistic concepts, which I`m interested in and which I have chosen to be the subject of this film. Watching a body in slow-motion as a structured moment in space and time, bending and twisting, for me is like observing insects through a magnifiying glass. The act of slowing down the speed of motion seems to change its “meaning” in a way that it becomes more significant.

When we talk about “a body”, we generally think about a single organism, consisting of limbs, muscles, skin and bones etc. But the word body is also used to descibe a group of people, a community or even society, in which individuals interact with each other. In my work as a performer I have always refused to accept the stage as the only platform for the performing artist, rendering the audience to be the “receiving” crowd. By jumping down from stage and therefore into the “real world”, I have tried to become part of that body. This act very often is considered aggressive, because it`s breaking the rule of the right to privacy and thus creates tension and deliberately provokes reaction. But it can also be a moment of great sensitivity and risk, in which the performer takes responsibility and either wins or loses the audience.

Digital Video (3 cameras), 5:30 min., 2008, DVD, Score + Vinyl Record, 10:00.

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