• Viewing/Listening Space

    Between 2010 and 2011 I organised and curated the Viewing/Listening Space at the Royal College of Art together with visual artist and film-maker Akhila Krishnan. The Viewing Space series began as a student led initiative offering a platform for students to show and share film and video work. By also showcasing the work of filmmakers and artists, and inviting practitioners to talk about their work, it has become a forum and place for discussion and analysis. Akhila and I decided to expand the original idea of the Viewing Space by also focussing on sound. Hence the Viewing Space also became the Listening Space and we started the series with films by Guy Sherwin, David Lynch, Alan Callander and Chris Carter (in collaboration with Cosey Fan Tutte). The event was held under the theme "Sound and Structure". For the second event we invited two fellow Communication Art & Design students (Deniz Johns and Karolina Raczynski) to join us and organise a Viewing Space with our support. The theme they chose was "Performance to the Camera". The programme consisted of films by Jayne Parker, Jozef Robakowski, John Smith and Ulrike Ottinger as well as video works by RCA students. For the last event I invited Berlin-based musician, digital artist and film-maker Sebastian Purfürst for a special screening of his film "The Fine Art of Designing Silence", which was accompanied by a lecture and followed by a talk with the audience. All posters for the Viewing/Listening Space we curated were designed by Josef Pochodzaj.
  • Sound and the Inner Image

    Sound and the Inner Image was organised and curated together with Akhila Krishnan. It was part of a series of discussions concerned with moving image practice. This particular evening was dedicated to soundtracks and their potential to stimulate and create images within the listener`s mind. Our guests were Jon Wozencroft who runs TOUCH Music (a UK-based multi-media publishing company and record label) and Russell Mills who is a multi-media artist par excellence and well-known for his artwork used by musicians such as Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel and the Nine Inch Nails.