An interview with Russell Mills

Here`s an interview with British multi-media artist Russell Mills I recorded at his home in Ambleside/Cumbria (UK) in May 2013. Watch it here


More about Russell and his work can be found here:

Marcelle Hanselaar – Postcard from the Edge (2013) // A film by Thomas Völker


POSTCARD FROM THE EDGE is a short but intimate portrait of the Dutch painter MARCELLE HANSELAAR directed by German filmmaker and artist THOMAS VÖLKER. The film was made on the occasion of Hanselaar`s Solo Show ‘WALKING THE LINE‘ which took place at KINGS PLACE GALLERY in London between May and June 2013.

From the exhibition catalogue:

Marcelle Hanselaar’s familiar theme, the conflicting awareness and subsequent struggle with the balance of how we see ourselves and how we appear to others, has now found a bigger arena.

Her gripping paintings of a solitary figure, with or without props are still there but now, for the first time, she takes this theme into the public realm, something she has freely explored in her large etchings but never before in her paintings. The result is a Breughel-esque tableau vivant.

Hanselaar says “I am fascinated by the phenomena of crowds, how the shift from private to collective behaviour creates a shift of inner boundaries as well. Our familiar sense of inner and outer or personal and social responsibilities and its subsequent behaviour shrinks and expands simultaneously and creates, temporarily, a different set of references from which we then function.”

Marcelle Hanselaar has won many awards both for her prints and her paintings.
Her work is in important public collections including the British Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the National Art Library and the Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Collection.

Watch the film HERE

Collaboration with Carla Busuttil + The Static Hand

Völker has finished work on a music video for the Song One Double One from the recently released album ‘Short Bursts From a Starting Gun’ by The Static Hand. For this project he collaborated with South-Africa born painter Carla Busuttil and The Static Hand. Read more


The Abandoned Places of Berlin

For the “Kudamm 101 Room Happening” Völker collaborated with the Berlin-based musician and photographer Mathias Rösner. READ MORE

The Old Brewery

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Transfigured Night at Cadogan Hall London

Transfigured Night – A film by Thomas Völker -Premiere at the Cadogan Hall London (featuring the Arensky Chamber Orchestra).

Transfigured Night - Cadogan Hall London

Read More

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Photographed by Liam Taylor.


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